Adelard LLP (UK)

Profile and Expertise

Adelard is a specialist and influential dependability and safety consultancy, based in the UK and active in several European countries. Adelard is an SME with extensive experience in the fields of safety and reliability, project support, standards development, applied research, process modelling and cognitive science. Adelard has worked with major European companies and agencies including the U.K. Ministry of Defence, Civil Aviation Authority, Health and Safety Executive, Aerospatiale, GEC-Alsthom, British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL), the European Space Agency, Astrium, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), British Energy and Electricité de France. We have also provided consultancy to the CEC and the UK Government on research and industrial policy on safety and dependability. Adelard has defined and developed best practice in a range of critical applications in aerospace, nuclear and defence and has wide-ranging experience of assessing computer-based systems and components. Adelard has been at the forefront of developing and applying the safety case approach for computer based systems. This has involved extensive Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) activities of large command and control systems, the assessment of critical COTS software and the development of methodology and tool support, namely the Assurance and Safety Case Environment (ASCE).

Main Tasks

WP1 – Adelard will contribute to the study of requirements with an emphasis on the needs for analysis and assessment in WP2 and WP3. We will build on our work on combining safety and security at a specification level for ERTMS and consider how design and implementation issues will impact the required top-level claim structure. We will also consider how our triangle of assessment – vulnerabilities, desired behaviours and compliance with standards – migrates to the security domain.

WP2 – Adelard will take part in the analysis and classification of mechanisms for safety and security, and contribute existing studies it has done using its Claims-Arguments-Evidence framework on the relationship and synergies between the two domains, as well as an understanding of the essential differences.

WP3 – Adelard will contribute to identifying the security and safety metrics of interest, and defining the matching techniques for assessing them by empirical measurement at both the building block level and the system level. Adelard will also contribute to the combined probabilistic modelling of security and safety, specifically to validation of models and arguments using an “assurance case” approach, and will extend the mappings it has developed between evaluation techniques and safety attributes to the security domain.

WP4 – Adelard will contribute to the definition of the methodology with respect to the techniques contributed to WP3, exploiting its knowledge of related OMG work on assurance and evidence meta-models. Adelard will also experiment with schemas and plugins for its ASCE assurance tool that allow initial and rapid deployment of some of the SESAMO results and investigate interfaces between ASCE and more mathematically based modelling environments.

WP5 – Adelard will provide methodological support concerning the techniques it has contributed to WP2 and WP3, and assist with evaluating the use cases and providing feedback on the methods and tools based on experience of assessment of real systems and software.

WP6 – Adelard will contribute to dissemination by using its existing client and tool user basis. Specific instruments might be SESAMO -based schemas, plugins and methodology enhancements to its existing ASCE tool.

Relevant Experience

Adelard’s relevant experience for SESAMO includes:

  • development of safety and assurance cases – methodology and extensive practice
  • formulation of policy and development of standards
  • experience of evaluating embedded systems and software analysis
  • experience with combining safety and security
  • critical infrastructure work
  • wide potential market of safety clients who need to develop security informed safety cases
  • experience of collaborative R&D