Akhela (I)

Profile and Expertise


Akhela is an innovative company that has  become  a recognized and important player in the IT Italian market and  which is expanding successfully in the international IT service market. Akhela has experienced a rapid growth, with a turnover that has more than doubled in the last four years, in countertendency with the crisis of the IT market.

Akhela offers outstanding services to the market thanks to strict operating  procedures, strong ethical sales processes, a proven capacity for strategic marketing and technology scouting.
Akhela tests and applies the most modern technologies and methodologies related to Cloud Computing, Mobile Systems, Internet of Things, Management, Optimization and Security of IT systems, Embedded systems, Business Intelligence, High Performance Computing.

The proven success of Akhela in managing information systems and infrastructures of major companies and national and international Groups demonstrates the ability to successfully respond to complex and challenging demands concerning  critical situations, highly complex systems and strict deadlines.

Akhela is part of the Solgenia Group which has Subsidiaries in Europe and North America.

Akhela participates in many European projects such as ASTUTE: Pro-active decision support for data intensive environment; DEMANES: DEsign, Monitor and operate Adaptive Networked Embedded Systems; pSAFECER: Pilot- Safety Certification of software-intensive systems with reusable components; nSAFECER: Safety Certification of software-intensive systems with reusable components; Arrowhead: Production and energy systems automation; DISC: Distributer Supervisory Control of Large Plant; ToucHMore: Automatic Customizable Tool-chain for Heterogeneous Multicore Platform Software Development.

Main Tasks

Akhela will contribute to SESAMO with a strong participation in the definition of user needs and their impact in a real use-case (the refinery), contributing mainly to WP1 -user requirement and use case definition- and WP5 -Use case evaluation.
Akhela will also contribute to the other WPs in order to identify analysis and assessment techniques (WP3), and to define methodology and tool chain (WP4).

Relevant experience

Akhela manages the production supervision system and the information systems of one of the most important high conversion supersites in Europe, namely the Saras Refinery, located in Sarroch (Sardinia) with 300,000 barrels per day of refining capacity (about 15% of Italy's total refining capacity). As a result of this activity, Akhela has developed a wealth of methodologies, competencies, experiences, procedures and systems for the supervision of mission-critical environments and services.