Bringing together safety and security to the general partitioning problem in systems

IMA (integrated modular avionics) is architecture for real-time computer network airborne systems. This network consists of a number of computing modules capable of supporting numerous applications of differing safety criticality levels as defined in the DO-178B/C standard and mirrored into the ARINC 653 standard.

The modularity of IMA simplifies the development process of avionics software:

  • A common API is used to access the hardware and network resources, thus simplifying the hardware and software integration.

  • The IMA concept also allows the application developers to focus on the application layer, reducing the risk of defaults in the lower-level software layers.

  • Applications can be reconfigured on spare modules (replications) if the primary module that supports them is detected faulty during operations, increasing the overall availability of the avionics functions.

  • Communication between the modules can use an internal high-speed Computer bus, or can share an external network, such as ARINC 429 or ARINC 664.