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Profile and Expertise

CTU is a public university consisting of seven faculties, several research institutes and service centers. All the research activities for SESAMO will be performed by the Department of Control Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The department has a long tradition in the field of embedded real-time distributed systems. Due to a profound knowledge in both the theory and implementation techniques the department has a rich collaboration with industry (e.g. Honeywell, Siemens, Rockwell) as well as visible participation in IST projects (e.g. ARTIST2) and outstanding research results (e.g. recent papers in IEEE Trans. on Industrial Informatics).

Main Tasks

Beside participation in WP1 (mainly gathering of requirements) and WP6 (mainly publication of application papers and participation at conferences) CTU partner will work on the following topics: In WP2 they will contribute by elaboration of small scale quantitative models supporting cross-influence analysis and they will study the trade-offs between conflicting security and safety requirements. In WP3 they will work on the development of the appropriate methods to evaluate quantitative metrics. In WP4 they will contribute to the choice/definition of the Domain Specific Languages (metamodels) describing functional/non functional requirements/properties of the system and they will implement part (mainly algorithms) of the tool framework supporting the process (considering integration with the tool chain used in control engineering applications).

Relevant Experience

The CTU personnel have been involved in the development of several applications requiring safety mechanisms (avionics system for ultra-light aircraft, safe-link and safe-time layers of ETCS), real-time communication protocol stacks (Train Communication Network, Real-Time Publish-Subscribe) and model based development tools (e.g. target for Matlab/Simulink).The group has participated in several projects (e.g. Framework for Real-time Embedded Systems based on COntRacts - IST-034026 FRESCOR, Embedded Systems Design - IST-004527 ARTIST2, Open Components for Embedded Real-time Applications – IST 35102 OCERA, Global Communication Architecture and Protocols for new QoS services over IPv6 networks – IST 32696 GCAP, Modular FLY-BY-WIRE Control System for Light Aircraft - Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade) and recently published several papers in international journals (e.g. Waszniowski, L. - Krákora, J. - Hanzálek, Z.: Case Study on Distributed and Fault Tolerant System Modeling Based on Timed Automata, Journal of Systems and Software, Vol. 82, Num. 10, 2009, Elsevier).