eesy-id GmbH (D)

Profile and Expertise

eesy-id GmbH, located in Gräfelfing, Germany, is a start-up company (SME) founded in 2009. eesy-id is devoted to the design of electronic circuits, modules and systems, especially for wireless applications in the fields of communications, sensing, radar, local and global positioning, and navigation for use in information electronics, automotive electronics, and medical electronics. Beyond R&D, eesy-id offers consultancy and has resources to manufacture and distribute products.

Main tasks

The main tasks eesy-id is involved in are WP1 for specification of safety and security needs of communication protocols in field of mobile medical care devices, and WP5 for a demonstrator build-up showing a safe and secure connection between a mobile ambient assisted living device and a reader or monitoring station.

Relevant Experience

eesy-id has broad experience with wireless applications in the medical area. Especially in medical applications, safety and security are fundamental issues that have always been in focus of eesy-id’s research.