ikv++ technologies ag (D)

Profile and Expertise

ikv++ technologies ag is a German shareholder company and SME. Founded in 1994, the company is engaged in offering cutting edge system analysis, design and development technologies to the system integration and automotive markets. Our mission is to automate complex system analysis, design and development processes. We achieve an enduring reduction of development risk, a decrease of development costs and an increased results quality. We consequently apply latest technologies such as the model-based development approach, repository-based infrastructures, model transformations and code generation, consistency management and software product line approaches. All of these concepts are realized by our technology medini.

At present ikv offers products and services to car makers and suppliers all over the world. The products include

  • medini analyze, an integrated tool that realizes the functional safety analysis activities and artefacts of ISO 26262 which is required for the analysis of functional safety in the automotive domain,
  • medini unite, a change and configuration management support tool to identify differences between design models and merge the accepted changes into a target design model,
  • medini QVT, an open source product that implements OMG's QVT Relations specification in a powerful engine for model-to-model transformations to allow fast development, maintenance and customization of process specific transformation rules and
  • medini proFeat a graphical tool for feature modelling to support variants management incl. model validation and feature selection.

Main tasks

WP 1:

ikv will contribute to the state-of-the-art analysis in the safety domain due to its knowledge in safety methods and its experience in end-user projects and support the derivation and modelling of requirements.

ikv will support the analysis of relevant safety standards, namely ISO 26262 and ensure collaboration with upcoming specifications in AUTOSAR.

ikv will support the definition of use cases in the automotive area based on its experience in functional safety application.

WP 2:

ikv will participate in the analysis of cross-influence based on its knowledge in functional safety requirements and methods.

ikv will contribute to the potential enhancements of safety mechanisms or techniques due to security influences.

WP 4:

As a technology provider and experienced tool vendor in the area of functional safety, ikv will focus on the definition of the methodology and the implementation of the tool framework in WP 4. In addition, substantial effort will be spent to analyze the existing mechanisms, especially from the functional safety perspective. ikv will furthermore support in the requirements elicitation, the use case specification and evaluation.

WP 5:

ikv will support the use case demonstrator development mainly by organizing the good collaboration and feedback with WP 4.

ikv will contribute to the list of potential modifications to standards and methods, with particular attention to the AUTOSAR standard.

Relevant Experience

Due to its many years of experience in developing functional safety analysis processes, methods and tools, ikv will contribute substantially to the integrated functional safety and security process definition, the setup of the process support framework and particularly to the development of supporting tools. ikv will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of results by creating products and services out of the project results and marketing them to their existing customer base specifically in the automotive sector.

ikv is working in the automotive functional safety area since 2006. Deep experiences were gained in ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and related standards such as ECE R13H and ECE R79. ikv is AUTOSAR development member, focusing on functional safety aspects in the AUTOSAR methodology. ikv is partner of The Mathworks with its product medini analyze.

Relevant Products – ikv provides medini analyze, an ISO DIS 26262 compliant support tool for functional safety analysis and design processes of automotive embedded control systems. Due to its flexibility and customization potentials, medini analyze provides an ideal platform to base the targeted solution of the project upon it.

Relevant Technology - the ikv owned base technology called medini™ - model-centered, repository based infrastructures, fine-grained traceability, model transformation, document generation and consistency checking building blocks - is provided as a number of re-usable and configurable software components. Designed as integration infrastructure, medini base provides tool connectors to seamlessly integrate with existing tool landscapes. The availability of medini base components allows ikv to provide tool solutions within a very short time-to-market. Wherever possible, the software components themselves are based on open source technology, especially on the eclipse platform. That avoids unnecessary development effort and ensures interoperability, extensibility and flexibility. Experiences:

  • experiences in the ISO 26262 functional safety standard for about 2 years
  • 3 years experiences in providing detailed safety analysis tools and tool chains to automotive customers
  • experiences in model based development for about 8 years
  • experiences in developing model based software tools and market them as products for about 2 years