Industrial drive

SAG will contribute a use case for an Industrial Drive application, specifically, motion control in the field of industrial automation and control.

Motion control products cover a large variety of variable frequency inverters for synchronous and asynchronous motors ranging from standard electric motor systems and servomotors for motion control applications (including linear and torque motors) over motors for use in hazardous explosion areas, to high voltage, DC and customized electric motor systems.

The SAG use case focuses on a generic commercial motion control platform solution for permanent magnetic synchronous motors (PMSM). In particular, a popular FPGA Evaluation Kit from EBV Electronics is utilized together with an Industrial Development Board from Altera (see figure below). Tooling machines are a typical application for this type of motor drive. Since this application is based on a generic control reference platform, it is also possible to target applications in similar domains like electric drive trains in automotive systems.

The large variety of communication and sensor interfaces of such embedded systems adds significant security challenges to the safety mechanisms already implemented in today’s commercial industrial products.

This commercial FPGA based solution shall be assessed according to relevant safety and security standards and extended to fulfil any additional requirements. Note that the starting point for this use case is a standard programmable HW platform (FPGA) without any built-in HW safety or security features.

Image: Industrial drive use case