Infineon Technologies AG Deutschland (D)

Profile and Expertise

Infineon Technologies AG, located in Neubiberg, Germany, offers semiconductor and system solutions addressing three central challenges to modern society: energy efficiency, communications, and security. In the 2009 fiscal year (ending September), the company reported sales of Euro 3.03 billion with approximately 25,650 employees worldwide. Infineon has long years of experience in semiconductor solutions for automotive, industrial and security applications and develops, manufactures and markets innovative semiconductor products and complete SoC solutions. Infineon is market leader in semiconductors for automotive and industrial applications (sensors, power semiconductors and microcontrollers) in Europe and worldwide. Infineon is worldwide number one in the chip card market and one of the leading companies concerning complex security solutions.

Main tasks

WP 1: Infineon will contribute to the state-of-the-art analysis in the safety domain, exploiting its expertise in hardware-near safety and security mechanisms and its experience in application projects. By doing so, Infineon will support the derivation and modelling of requirements. Infineon will support the analysis of safety and security standards, namely ISO 26262, especially from a semiconductor-level viewpoint. In addition, Infineon will help to ensure the consistency of the analysis results with relevant AUTOSAR specifications. Infineon will also support the definition of the automotive use cases based on its experience in application projects, with particular focus on aspects that are close to the hardware level. Infineon plans to contribute an automotive SEooC use case to the project: a control system for an electric motor that should be applicable in different scenarios, such as electric power train, windshield wiper or an electric brake system. Infineon wants to verify that the methodology and tools are not only prepared to handle a top-down approach, but are also able to support safety and security aspects in a context where nothing is known about the target application. In addition, Infineon will lead the Mobile Ambient Assisted Living Systems use case activities, supported by technology partner eesy-id.

WP 2: Infineon will support the analysis of cross-influences based on its knowledge in hardware related aspects of safety and security mechanisms. Infineon will help to identify enhancements of safety mechanisms or techniques due to security influences. In order to provide those, Infineon will bring in relevant experience and expertise regarding safety and security aspects from their development process, including mechanisms for safe and secure communication at the hardware and hardware near level.

WP 3: Infineon will support the development of separate safety and security techniques by providing extensive background knowledge on assessment techniques from their existing processes. Infineon will support the integration of the safety and security assessment techniques by providing reviews of those, specifically with suggestions on the ability of integrating those in their existing processes.

WP 4: From their semiconductor viewpoint, Infineon will support the methodology definition specifically at hardware or hardware-near aspects. In addition, Infineon will make efforts to enhance the methodology by aspects of component development out of context (as for safety the “Safety Element out of Context” approach) driven by the use case brought in by Infineon.

WP 5: Infineon is responsible for two use cases – the automotive use case on SEooC development and the Mobile Ambient Assisted Living Systems use case activities, where it is supported by technology partner eesy-id. Infineon will support the use case demonstrator development mainly for those two use cases, but will also provide support at hardware level tasks to the other use cases. Infineon will contribute to the list of potential modification to standards and methods, with a focus on hardware and hardware-near software implementations.

Relevant Experience

The SESAMO project targets the convergence of safety and security in embedded systems and products. Based on the deep system and component competence as well of the automotive business as of the security business (Infineon is worldwide # 1 in semiconductor solutions targeting these segments), Infineon offers in an optimised way the required understanding of functional interaction of safety and security mechanisms. Based on its worldwide market leadership Infineon is also in a very good position for driving standardisation and market penetration of resulting products. Infineon will contribute to the project supporting a component-oriented design methodology based upon model-driven technology, which jointly addresses safety and security aspects and their interrelation for networked embedded systems in multiple domains. In these areas Infineon has deep competence that was proven in a lot of customer and research projects.