Intecs S.p.A. (I)

Profile and Expertise

Intecs SpA is Software Company providing leading-edge technological support and products to the major European organizations in the design and implementation and verification of complex electronic systems. It operates at the forefront of the software market, where innovation, complexity and quality aspects are essential to determine the company success. During more than 35 years of activities, Intecs has achieved extensive experience in the production of software systems as well as system and software engineering and quality. Such experience has been acquired through a well- established co-operation with most of the major Italian and European electronic industries, the development of proprietary products, and the participation in several research projects funded by the EC and other European or national organizations. Intecs operates in the Space, Automotive, Railways, Telecommunications, Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Defence domains.

Intecs has considerable industrial experience in the development, verification and assessment of safety-critical systems, in particular in the railway, aerospace and automotive domains of interest for SESAMO, and develops and markets both methodologies and toolsets, such as the HRT-UML proprietary toolset, to support the development of real-time, dependable and safety related software. Intecs is also a certified assessor for safety-critical railway applications.

Main Tasks

Intecs will participate in the work packages WP0, WP1, WP2, WP 3, WP4, WP5 and WP6, providing Project Coordination and Project Organization & Administration, acting as WP0 leader.

The main Intecs contributions will be the participation in the definition of user needs and the analysis of cross-domain safety and security standards contributing to WP1, in WP2 and WP3 closely collaborating with CNR and the University of Florence and providing support for the identification of building block and assessment techniques and in the integration of models, in WP4 contributing with its deep experience in System and Software Engineering and participating to the definition of the SESAMO methodology and tool chain, providing the experience and integration of non-functional properties in the Multi-concern Component Methodology developed in the ARTEMIS-2008-Call1 CHESS project, and the involvement in the technological support and implementation of the use case and construction of demonstrator for the oil refinery energy management use case in WP5.

Relevant Experience

The Consultancy Division of Intecs has a specialised Safety Engineering Team with a large experience in Safety and Functional Software and System Validation and Assessment, in the space, avionic, railways signalling, automotive, and telecommunication application domains, according to Customer’s applicable standards, such as ECSS, DO178B, DOD-STD-498 (MIL-STD-498), CENELEC, MISRA, SPICE, AutoSPICE (ISO 15504), EN 61508, ISO DIS 26262.

The Methodology and R&D Unit of Intecs is a leader in the software engineering community in the field of advanced domain engineering techniques for reusable architecture development, component and model based development for high-integrity embedded systems, development of CASE tools and with involvement in several R&D projects, from which the most relevant to this proposal are the CHESS ARTEMIS-2008-1-100022 project, aiming at the definition of a methodology addressing the composition with guarantees of multi-concern components for high-integrity systems, the CE 6th FP IP Project “Automated proof based System and Software Engineering for Real-Time Applications” ASSERT, many ESA/ESTEC System and Software Engineering studies, such as Component Oriented Development Techniques (CORDET), System and Software Functional Requirements Techniques (SSFRT) and Next Generation Requirements Engineering (NextGenRE).

The Methodology and R&D Unit participates also to working groups for the definition of reference architectures (e.g. the SAVOIR Fair Architecture and Interface Reference Elaboration initiative in the Space and the AUTOSAR in the Automotive) and standards (e.g. the European Cooperation for Space Standardization ECSS).