First ISSE Workshop was a successful event

The first international workshop on integration of safety and security engineering took place on 8 September 2014. Two keynotes provided up to date information on current standardization activities in key domains. Jeff Joyce talked about the state of the art in avionics standardisation of safety and security, while Riccardo Mariani described current efforts in the ISO26262 committee for automotive electronics safety to incorporate considerations for security.

AUTOSAR 4.2.1 to appear with SESAMO-based safety extensions

One of the AUTOSAR goals was to make it easier to develop safety-related functionality by providing safety building blocks and their precise specification. However, until recently, the integration of those building blocks was not supported by AUTOSAR methodology at all. Thanks to the SESAMO partner ikv, AUTOSAR 4.2.1 (due end of 2014) will specify so called Safety Extensions. They allow to describe and exchange a part of a safety concept in a standardized form by means of AUTOSAR templates.

ISSE’14 deadline extension

Submission deadline of the ISSE workshop has been extended to the 31st May 2014.

ISSE’14 Workshop call for papers

SESAMO project will co-organize 1st International workshop on the Integration of Safety and Security Engineering. See the call for papers.

Rome meeting

In January 2013, a regular project meeting was hosted by DICEA in Rome, Italy.

WP2/WP3 Kick-off meeting

Joint WP2/WP3 kick-off meeting was help on September 5. During the meeting partners discussed the industrial use cases as well as the organization of those workpackages.

New web site

New web site has been opened.