Profile and Expertise

SYSGO is specialised in design, implementation and configuration of device software for the embedded market. Since its foundation in 1991, the company has been focused on real-time operating systems for use in embedded systems. Its core product is PikeOS, a microkernel-based virtualisation platform which allows the scheduling of real-time and non-real-time processes in a virtual machine context. With PikeOS, the company has gained significant experience in the certification of operating system software for use in highly safety-critical systems (e.g. DO178B or IEC61508). The target markets are aerospace/defence, industrial automation, automotive, consumer electronics and network infrastructure. Today, the company has ~100 employees in five facilities in Germany and Europe and a global distribution network.

Main tasks

SYSGO will provide the PikeOS microkernel as the safe and secure virtualization platform for the project. This will start with the development of board support packages and device drivers for the demonstrators. As the operating system software will be the foundation for the integration of multiple applications of different criticality on a single system, SYSGO will add the required security functionalities to the already safety-certified system software. As a consequence our main contribution will be in WP2 and WP4. In addition SYSGO will closely support the the industrial partners during the implementation of the demonstrators (WP5), with a strong focus on identifying potential synergies between the avionics and automotive market. Finally SYSGO will lead the Dissemination and Exploitation workpackage (WP6).

Relevant Experience

In 1998, SYSGO began to develop its own operating system approach which was conceptually based on the L4 microkernel as introduced by Liedtke et al. This system has gradually evolved over several years of its practical application to the real-time, embedded space. The result of this evolution is the PikeOS microkernel, which today is part of SYSGO’s product portfolio. In Addition, the company has significant experience in the certification of operating system software for use in highly safety-critical systems, especially in avionics. It has successfully completed a number of projects to certify operating system software for use in civil as well as military aircraft according to standard DO-178B. The PikeOS microkernel became system software platform for FP7 research projects like SCARLETT and TECOM, or the ACROSS and RECOMP projects in the ARTEMIS context.