SYSGO s.r.o. (CZ)

Profile and Expertise

SYSGO s.r.o. is specialised in design, implementation and configuration of device software for the embedded market, with a strong focus on embedded Linux and PikeOS. Its core competence is design, implementation and validation of low-level software. The main areas of expertise of SYSGO's engineers are real-time operating systems, device drivers, bootloaders, communication protocols and virtualization APIs for microcontrollers used in highly reliable embedded systems. The target markets are aerospace/defence, industrial automation, automotive, consumer electronics and network infrastructure. SYSGO s.r.o. was founded in 2004 as a limited private company.

Main tasks

SYSGO s.r.o. will bring its certification know-how into WP4, contribute to the PikeOS porting efforts in WP2 and WP4 and will support the demonstrators in WP 5.

Relevant Experience

SYSGO s.r.o. has a strong embedded Linux background and is deeply involved in the certification of PikeOS and the AFDX stack for use in civil as well as military aircraft according to standard DO-178B, Level A.