UniControls (CZ)

Profile and Expertise

UniControls was established in 1991, and is now ending the second decade of its existence as a well-established supplier of industrial control systems, with outstanding references in the gas industry, water industry and transport systems. In control and railway communication the company cooperates with renowned manufacturers of rail cars, e.g. Alstom and Siemens. Especially at the field of Train Communication networks, UniControls succeeds both in the Czech Republic and worldwide. Thanks to these activities, its customers find in UniControls a supplier of sophisticated and robust control systems for difficult environments. The company especially focuses on:

  • design and supply of complete dispatching control systems;
  • design and supply of industrial control systems for extreme operating conditions and large plants;
  • complete supply of control and monitoring systems including onboard communication systems of rail vehicles;
  • development and supply of computer modules, hardware and software for communications in industry and transport in accordance with current European standards;
  • software and development tools for application programs;
  • design and manufacture of elements of equipment of modern rail vehicles;
  • design and manufacture of unique electronic modules and equipment for civil and military aircraft.

The company is certified according to:

  • ISO 9001:2001 for design, production, installation and servicing of automated control system for applications in industry and transport and for development and implementation of hardware and software of these systems.
  • IRIS - International Railway Industry Standard for design, production, assembling and servicing of control system for application in railway industry.

UniControls has a long tradition of participating in Czech and international organizations and associations: CiA - CAN in Automation, EIA - Czech and Moravian Electrical and Electronic Association, CPS - Czech Gas Association, SP - Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, UNIFE - Union of the European Railway Industries, ACRI- Association of the Czech Railway Industry

Main tasks

WP1: Definition of the user requirements derived from real system (transportation).

WP5: SESAMO tools exploitation to demonstrate contribution to area of public transportation.

WP2, WP3, WP4: Contribution to analysis, methodology and tools development.

WP6: Contribution to dissemination activities – publication of the application results.

Relevant experience

EU projects:

  • Open Components for Embedded Real-Time Applications – FP IST 35102 OCERA
  • InteGRail – Intelligent Integration of Railway Systems, research project of 6th Framework Programme, 2005-2009

UC is member of working groups of IEC:

  • TC9/WG43 – Train Communication Network (TCN)
  • TC9/WG46 – Onboard multimedia systems for railways
  • TC9/WH48 – Onboard Driving Information System

National projects and application:

  • SCADA - Implementation more than 30 SCADA systems for storages, gas and water distribution nets, transportation that supervise more than 550 localities equipped by UC Process Control Units.
  • Train to dispatcher communication and control systems – Metro Prague, Czech Railway
  • Train Control and Communication systems - UIC Gateway – WTB/MWB, WTB/CAN, Vehicle control Unit for metro trains, Train equipment (displays, speedomemters, infopanels).

Rolling stock:

  • Train control, communication and fire alarm system for refurbished train sets 81-71 (metro Praha)
  • Train control, communication, fire alarm and passenger information system for suburban train EMU471 (Czech Railways)

Dispatcher control in transport:

  • Central dispatching center for metro Praha
  • Automatic route setting system (metro Praha)
  • Automatic remote traffic control system (metro Praha)