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SESAMO Project

One stop-shop for all your embedded system needs!

Welcome To

SESAMO Project

One stop-shop for all your embedded system needs!

economic interests in safety and security critical systems

involvement of large partners


An automotive approach to secure the connections of embedded systems helps maintain and develop an environment to help interconnect and exchange critical data.

Aerospace & Energy

It follows a critical approach to maintaining the security systems of the embedded systems in energy and aerospace, which directly affects economic productivity. Hence, crucial steps have to be undertaken for better management.

Metropolitan Rail Transport

Embedded computers and their security play a crucial role in maintaining the city railways and their advancements and rail monitoring and improvement strategies.

Rigorous Theoretical

A detailed theoretical understanding of the structure and implementation of embedded systems in a unit is essential in classifying a component’s vulnerabilities and working on methods to protect the same.

Practical Understanding

The practical aspects of a system embedded inside a product involve using microcontrollers, software that connects them, and their working. Hence, it takes an expert in the industry to work and solve issues and help maintain the system.

Feature Interaction

By providing a space for automatic interactions and systematic approaches to controlling embedded systems, our technicians and engineers will develop innovative methods to develop service-oriented architectures.

Model-Based Resource Analysis And Synthesis Of Service-Oriented Automotive Software Architectures

Key elements of the SESAMO approach are:

Workpackage Structure

You give us your requirements, and we will ensure to build a secure system that works with modern technologies and develop prototypes until it meets client requirements.
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"I run a company and wanted help maintaining a secure embedded environment. I’m glad I reached out to them."
Garland T. Valle
"You should look no further if you need help with an innovative approach to maintaining your system."
Ben C. Luis
"Their professionals are genuinely talented and know what steps to employ at the right time."
Juan T. Sullivan

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